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new homeModel homes look fantastic.They are furnished well and seem to have all the extras. Don’t buy on impulse. Take your time, check area solds, and if there are older tracks nearby, make sure you look around. Find out about the neighborhood. Are more homes being built in the area? How will existing homes be affected in the future? Someday you may want to sell.

Many builders use their own contracts. Be sure to carefully review the builder contract. Most developers use their own purchase contract which is more favorable to the seller than a standard California Association of Realtors contract.

Don’t jeopardize your rebate from us. If you find a home development that interests you, call us first. Remember that new home developers require agents to sign up their prospective buyers during or prior to the first visit. Otherwise, they consider you to be a client and they will not pay us a commission or allow us to represent you.

Buying a new home does have perks. New homes have never been lived in by anyone else. Builder upgrades are frequently an option. They have a warranty. Some of the builders who are willing to cooperate with us are listed below. If you are interested in a development that is not on the list, contact us and we will inquire on your behalf.